August 1st, 2008

DJ - plaited!

August Already - What Happened To The Summer?

When I went to bring DJ in this morning he was lying down, which made my heart sink - half of him was wet mud!

Of well, he does enjoy being fussed, and at least he had been lying on his left, so his mane was dry enough to comb and plait.

DJ had his all-female harem with him today, as Toni brought Junior and then we met with Ros and Rosie.

We went down to the Church and round the block and back home.  Toni was given an Aylesbury Drake ... that she would have to go back and collect later (much to Junior's relief!).  It was overcast, but dry.  So we had a good quiet ride ... and chance for a chat as we went.

Once back, DJ had his feed and then rattled his bucket against the door of his box - Presumably he had read of Oliver, and decided to ask for more.  It didn't work - but he did get an extra carrot as I put his head-collar back on.

And so back to his field - and a lazy weekend ahead for him.
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Dartmouth, South Devon

Before we went to visit the Naval College we had lunch and a wander round Dartmouth.  It is a lovely town, with some beautiful architecture - and a Castle, that we didn't get time to visit ... Must go back.

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 A great trip - and we didn't get wet, even though it rained a few times during the day.