July 31st, 2008

DJ - plaited!

"We're Walking In The Rain"

As I brought DJ in this morning it was overcast, but by the time Toni and Smudge were in and the 2 boys were tacked up it was raining.

We almost persuaded ourselves that a cup of coffee would be a better idea, but were good and the 4 of us went out - Just up the road and back.  We still managed to get soaked doing that!

Rosie was having the day off today, but when we got back we ound 2 bottles of wine and 2 bags of carrots ... No, Santa hadn't come early, but Ros and Rosie had left us a gift ... to say Thank You for all the help.

So, I now have a bottle of what is actually my favourite wine, in the fridge; and DJ's carrot bag is already less full than it was! 
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Adventure before dementia

Just To Prove That I Am A "Nice Girl".

Well, the old song says :-

"All the nice girls, like a sailor"

So, to prove that correct my friend from Church and I went to The Dartmouth Naval College, in South Devon.  Mind you we also realised that the recruits are very young (nothing to do with us getting older).  We had a great day, and under the cut are a cople of pictures - but they are very picky about when you can use your cameras, so not much to see for a great day.

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BTW - We left the sailors alone!!

Adventure before dementia

"The King And I"

I have just got in from watching the Bristol Youth Theatre's performance of this musical.  A friend phoned me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go, as she loves live theatre and didn't know about it until then.  So, we got tickets and went.

It was great - the actors were of an age range, from about 5, untill teens and all did a marvellous job.  To both of us, ironically, the weakest was the girl who played Anna.

The set was simple but really Siamese in character, the pianist was superb, and they utilised some great dancing and acrobatics.

The guy who played the King was great ... and I can say that as someone who saw "The King And I" on stage in London, in September 1980 - and yes, it was Yul Brynner I watched.