July 25th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

James For Emperor?

As I drove down to Mum and Dad's earlier this afternoon I saw an advertising sign :-

Red Bull
Empire Of Dirt

So I am wondering whether James could apply for the title of Emperor, to give him an addition to his occupations!

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DJ - plaited!

Another Day, Another Good Boy.

 When I went to get him from his field it was in the rain and as I walked towards the gate there were the 2 boys standing there looking at me ... And they were both the same colour.  No, Conrad hadn't turned grey ... DJ had been rolling, and sleeping - so was brown!

Arrgh - I had to try to get rid of some of his wet, muddy overcoat.  Not just for his beauty, but before I put his tack on he needed to be claen.

Toni brought in Junior, but as she wears a fly-rug she didn't have the same problems.

Still, he looked dirty by the time I had finished, but at least I new his skin was clean.

Ros and Rosie arrived and we headed to the Church via the canter track - although we only kept at walk today.

DJ was a good boy, again - so really did deserve his carrot - and his weekend off!
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