July 24th, 2008


Bude - Surfers And The Beach.

Sorry friends but my business is really quiet at present ... if this carries on I shall have to change jobs.  This was one of the long-term effects of my hand injury.  12 weeks of being away from a phone meant that people got used to going to another therapist.

Anyway - the sun was shining this morning, DJ was having the day off ... and I still hadn't checked that my 300 zoom worked.  So back to the main beach in Bude - these 5 pictures will give you an idea of why most people holiday here - or why a lot of people like to live here ... Beaches ... and surfing.  Will admit the only surfing I do is on the web - but here is Bude ... the place where the first British Surf Lifesaving Club was set up.

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Eternal refuge

A Spike Drabble

In answering a reply to another post I realised that I wrote a drabble at the beginning of last year, for a good_evil  challenge, but I never posted it in my own journal.

So, here, at long last, it is -

As ever - Spike inspires me - So here is my first ever attempt at a drabble

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