July 22nd, 2008


Thought From My Christian-Jokes Perpetual Calender

My brother Nick bought me a perpetual calender for my birthday - It ciontains a selection of jokes and funnies - 

Todays  is:-

You must have seen the dual purpose notice boards with a section for a wayside pulpit, and another section for service detail etc.   Sometimes they make interesting reading.  One read :

The Lord Bishop will be here next Sunday at 6.30 p.m.

While the other side read

Don't Worry, It May Never Happen.

DJ - plaited!

Escorting A Young Lady!

I had a phone call from Ros yesterday to check that I would be riding this morning, which I hadn't actually planned to do.  However, Ros is a good friend, and as I had no work booked I said that I would be there.

So, this morning DJ had the upset of me arriving again!

Actually he was OK and walked steadily in and had a semi-snooze while he was having his pampering.  He does have a tough life, poor boy!

Just as I was starting his plait, although, he started to figit.  I told him not to be silly, but then had to apologise as he was correct, and I was wrong.  He heard a horse walking up the road that he didn't recognise.  Ros had come down early as hre horse was ready and she didn't want to keep her standing around.

So - I got to meet Rosie.

Rosie is a recently broken horse, that has only been out on a road about 10 times in her life.  So that is why Ros wanted company.  Toni rode Smudge and I had DJ.  The job of escort horses is to behave themselves (!), to slow traffic and to keep calm in unusual situations.

DJ was a star.   He didn't even stop for his normal wee, but kept going at a calm steady pace - as did Smudge, I must say.  Although he had to stop to "lift his tail".  One advantage is that although both the boys are geldings, they still recoganised a pretty young girl when they saw one!

So, Ros was really pleased as Rosie did really well.  These first few rides are important as they are the basis of the rest of their working lives.  I can remember doing this for DJ, and it is nice to see him working hard at the other end of that situation.

So, we went up to the farm and back - shortish, but really lovely.

DJ truly deserved his carrot when he returned home.

# # # 

On a side note when we got back Toni's daughter was just arriving ...

"She's dead"

Is how she greeted me ... Guess which DVD she has got up to in her B,tVS watching?

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James - Rock On!

Bude Pic Scam

Yay - I have been out for an hour playing - and have taken some general views around the canal ... as ukchrisp  asked last week, it is now fully functional.

So, under the cut are 6 largish pics showing the canal - and the fact that it has gates that open onto The Atlantic Ocean!!

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Adventure before dementia

Oh No - More Pics

Over the last few week one or two of my f-list have asked me for specific photos - So, under the cut are :-

2 General pictures of Bude - An old Coaching Inn, that is still a hotel; and one of the hanging baskets that appeared in Bude for the season.

2 pictures of my hands to show my rings - these are really for


The picture that Mum cross-stitched for me for my birthday, that some of you were asking about.

A close-up of the knitting I am doing, to show the decorative panal - this is really forauntiero and beanbeans 


 Finally, a picture of some of my many giraffes - these stand on my mantlepiece in my lounge. 

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