July 21st, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Ramblings With DJ

Poor boy!  He was fast asleep when I got there this morning ... Still, I suppose it is a Monday morning!  He woke up by the time I had walked across his field, but still just lay there in the sun ... I don't know whether he was expecting me to carry him in, or just feel sorry for him and let him go back to sleep!

I clipped on his rope instead!  I then had to wait for him to stand - and once up to have a really amazing stretch ... for those who have never seen a horse stretch, well it is the same as a cat or dog ... only, slightly bigger!

And, so off to his stable, where he had a nice steady groom, his tail was combed, and his mane was both combed and plaited.

Toni rode Junior and led Smudge, so it meant that we had to do the yard gates again.

We headed towards the forestry and walked round through part of the area and then back onto the roads.  As Junior walks fast it meant that DJ and Smudge ended up jogging most of the way round.  So that was good for DJs waisteline!

Sadly about 3/4 way round we came round a corner to see a dead cow on the side of the road.  Where she had come from we don't know as the farms were further away .... However Smudge through a panic, and ran, at which point the rope slipped through Toni's hands.  There is only so long you can keep hanging on for your own safety's sake.  H e rushed past me which caused DJ to spin as if to follow.  I stopped DJ which in itself calmed Smudge.  As Toni was now past the body, it fell to me to catch Smudge and try to lead him past ... luckily I have led horses when at the stables, but catching them doesn't always work.  However Smudge was OK about being collected.  After a bit of nagging we were able to re-join Toni and head on our way home.

I told DJ he was a good boy - as he had been all morning ... so what did he do?  Yes, you guessed it.  He through a wobbly at his patch of oil!!  

Oh well back home and time to sponge him off, before a small feed and back to his feed where he tell Conrad all about his heroics in rescuing Smudge ... bet he didn't mention the oily patch!  Just as I was leaving he got down and rolled - well he didn't want to miss the oppertunity while his coat was damp from his wash, now did he!
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