June 24th, 2008

Sanity - overated!


Before I scribble about my great few days that I have ahd I thought I would do The Fear Meme which has been on a few of my friends lists ... Mostly as I am amazed that people haven't marked spiders ... that is the most worstest thing on the planet!!

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Well - I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be ... I know a couple of my fears weren't listed ... and my insect and spider fear is more a phobia ... But otherwise ... Not too bad at all!!

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My Birthday Break

Yes, some of you have been lucky over the last couple of days - I have spent a long weekend at my parents, so haven't been on the internet much ... therefore less comments to your posts! Having said that - if I have missed something, please let me know.

It has been a great time -

On Saturday we met up with my brother Tim and his wife and had a meal. The plan had been then to collect Jiffy and go for a walk, but the weather wasn't great. So we went back home and when it brightened, briefly, we went for a walk locally. We then stuffed ourselves with a huge tea ... well, it had been planned as a picnic after a walk. Tim and Claire didn't leave till about 11pm ... so it was great to just spend time together.

Sunday was Sunday ... For me that means Church in the morning, a walk in the afternoon and normally back here in the evening. Instead I stayed on at Mum and Dads ... and we watched a film ... 3 Coins in the Fountain. I have been to Rome (and guess what ... fell head over heals down a set of the Spanish steps These, if you have never seen them ). It is a good film, even if one of the girls really annoys me!

On Monday I mowed the lawn and cleaned the windows for Mum and dad, then after the luch the 4 of us went down to the harbour by bus ... it was my choice, but I think Jiffy had the most fun ... first time on a bus, and when he got there, lots of new people and smell ... and lots of seagulls to glare at ... and try to chase.

Then today, I had a lazy morning - openeing some pressies. Mum and Dad bought me some lovely garnet earings and a rack for my CDs (which was what I asked for) ... and Mum gave me a cross-stitch picture she had doen. Sadly she is slowly loosing her sight, so it is hard for her - but she wanted to make this picture for me. After dinner, Mum and Dad took me to Bradley Manor ... a Medieval Manor House in Newton Abbot, about 15 minutes drive away.   When we got home Mum and I took Jiffy for his walk and then it was time for tea ... including Strawberries and cream ... and then time for me to return here ... and back to normality.

It was a truly special few days - nothing major, but still amazing.

Thank You ... James!

Thank You

This is just to thank you all for my Birthday wishes - it has really meant a lot how many of you sent best wishes my way.  The cakes in the greetings were great - Thank you.

I especially want to thank (in alphabettical order ... no favouritism) for their e-gifts/cards ...

curiouswombat  ,  downunderdeb  ,  jamalov29  ,  mabel_marsters  ,  oldgreymare  ,  spikereader  ,  tamakin

Thank you - you have all helped make today become a very special day.