June 22nd, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Quick Update ... And Long MEME

 Yes - I am procrastinating ... must get on a scribble DJ's report from Friday ... so I had better get on.

BTW - For those who did read my story and made great comments, Thank You.  Yes, it has now been beta'd by the great dragonflylady77  and will be edited and up on a couple of sites next week.  ... Yes, she did point out that I had spely reins wrong ... How did I manage that ... LOL

I am at Mum and Dad's until Tuesday this week - so will be on line as and when I can!

Anyway here is a long MEME snagged fromtamakin  ... Hope you have all had a good weekend, if I have missed any news, please pint me that way.

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DJ - plaited!

Friday ... It Should Have Been April Fool's Day ...

... Because a certain bot left his brain at Toni's while the rest of him walked up the road!

The sad thing is that he was so good while I was groomimg him - he actually fell asleep while I was brushing his face.

He let me open the gate, he lined up nicely with Junior and Toni ... yet still managed to try to run away a couple of times.

The first I would agree was a bit of a shock ... we turned a sharp corner and ended up with an orange carroier bag blowing down the road towards us.  Yes ...a s hock for us all, so a antural reaction, in some ways, from him.

But then he did his classic of stopping when he saw people walking towards him ... How dare they walk on his road, it should not be permitted!

Still, once we had got past them, we headed on and down the bridle path, with a short canter - that he was again beautifully behaved for.

So, all in all, it is so annoying when he does something silly!  However I suppose it just proves the old phrase -

"Boys will be boys!"

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