June 11th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Too Hot To Work .... That's DJ's Thought!

... But I pointed out to him that it was so nice to see the sun he shouldn't moan.

He was very good and didn't reply that as we were only walking he was the one working - and he had to carry me!!

He was a good boy for his grooming - in fact almost fell asleep while I was doing his back and back legs.  His plait looked great - I should have had my camera with me today!!  I even plaited his tail for him.

Toni & Smudge, Ros & Cherry (yes she still is here - there has been a delay with the sale), DJ and myself went out together - and it was really a lovely stroll.  We went down to the church and back.  

The weather was great - sun .... with a slight breeze.

DJ was a good boy while we were out, as well  - even when there were tractors around and when Smudge spooked at his own shadow (Maybe he had seen Dr Who this weekend!)

When we got back DJ had to be sponged down to cool him and wash off the sweat from where his bridle and his girth fitted ... as well as round his "bits-and-pieces".  Then a small feed ... a carrot and back to the field ... to roll!!

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