June 9th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Monday Morning .... And Poor DJ has To Work!

I left home today in thick fog - very cold and depressing but driving 20 minutes up the road made all the difference!

By the time I got to DJs the sun was out and it was hot!  As I walked across DJ's field he just lay there looking at me ... yes, complete disgust that it was Monday and I was epecting him to stand up, let alone do anything else!

I told him ... No standing, no carrot!!  That seemed to work!

So once I had him on his feet, carrot eaten, we made our way to the yard.  I groomed him - but cooked while doing it.  The sun was lovely - but not for grooming a hot animal!  He stood basically still - and was so sweet when I was brushing his face as he moved ... so he could relax against me while I was doing it.  Once plaited I went and got my camera - so hopefully, onec that film is developed you will be able to see him in his summer coat ... with plait, so those who have only seen the icon know what he looks like!

Toni brought in Smudge and we just wandered down the road towards a gateway that is in a farm-yard but is meant to be horse-friendly.  She (and Roa) have complained - and it was meant to have been changed!  It looked OK, but as we weren't planning on going through it is sometimes hard to check.

Once back DJ was very hot so he only had a snack before I put him back in his field - as I know he was longing to get down and roll.  I did have a panic as I got to the gate though - it was standing open ... I wondered if I had forgotten to close it earlier, thus letting Conrad escape - until I saw him looking at me from an enclosure in Smudges field.  I spoke to Toni and it is Conrad's training ... so he doesn't rely on one horse or situation.  He is 4 1/2 and needs to be broken - so this is part of his training.

So DJ went back to the peace and quiet of their field ... and no one to moan if he got down and rolled ... so he did!!
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