June 2nd, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Males Can Be Real Posers - Can't They?

Last Friday I met up with a friend of mine who goes to the same Church as me. As the weather was OK, my business was quiet and she was on half-term, we decided to go out for the day.

We went to Arlington Court in North Devon. Yes, I did takes loads of photos, but they are still on the film in the camera - so you will have to wait for those. If you want to see about the actual House then look here .  It was the home of the Chichesters, but donated to The National Trust in the 1950s.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - the house was interesting, and their was a spectacular display of carriages in the stables ... DJ would not have been pleased to see what prper working horses had to do!!  In actual fact they were training some horses there - and it was amazing as of the 2 one was a dappled grey, but called Jacob ... So both my boys were united!

While we were walking around the gardens we met the first of our male show-offs ... a stunning peacock.  However many I see, I never cease to be amazed at the spectacular colouring of them.  He was strutting around ... tail up ... turning, each time he saw a camera, I swear - he knew how beautiful he looked.

We then had afternoon tea - and met out second male stunner.  My friend Christine took a photo, which is under the cut, as he allowed me to stand with him - to show off even more I am sure!

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Yes all in all it was a lovely day out - Photos will eventually turn up!