May 29th, 2008

James - eyes

Season 1 - Buffy ... A Few Random Thoughts.

Yesterday I watched, for the first time in ages, "School Hard" ... Yay (More on that later)

I have watched series 1 ... and even trying to be objective, I still can't see what Buffy saw in Angel!  However it was great to see Giles and the Scoobies learning about each other ... and seeing some of the characteristics that we all love and hate.

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Spike - Dru's cut on face and "sex"

You Can Really Understand Why James Was Asked To Return!

When I originally watch Buffy I saw season 7 first - and as my profile says I fell in love with a vampire!

This time through, after a gap, I am re-watching the series in order.  So I have just started Season 2 .. and have now watched episode 3 ... School Hard.

When you see that episode, after a gap, you realise again all the great things that Spike is ... and what James brought to that role. 

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So - if you haven't watched it recently, I urge you to did out the DVDs ... sit back and enjoy!