May 25th, 2008



Nothing important to say - but I am going to say something anyway!!

One of the bands I am a member of had a concert last night - and I don't know whether the conductor had been at the coffee before we started, or had a hot date waiting for him - but I have never played some of those pieces so fast - ever.

It is a "Concert Band" and we play a selection of 16 pieces of music - Last night including

Pirates of the Caribean
Phanton of the Opera
Les Miserables
Best of Queen
Best od Frank Sinatra
Theme from Out of Africa
and finishing with "Sunset" - Which is The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended and The Last Post ... a traditional army combination..

This band has quite a few ex-military personel (including the conductor who was in The Scot's Guards).

Still we had a reasonable audience - who seemed to enjoy it, so that was the main thing!  My main worry was that I would fall down the grating - as our concert was in a Church and the chair legs were smaller than the holes in the gratiing!

Oh well - lazy-ish day today.

Tomorrow = Bank Holiday.  No plans, but I have an orchestra rehearsal in the evening (yes - I know ... madness!!)

Hope you are all having a good weekend.