May 22nd, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Wet - But Warm, Thursday

Today it was raining when I got to Toni's ... so much so DJ seemed glad to come in.  He walked in briskly and didn't even seem upset that I took him into his stable, rather than tie him up on the yard like I normally do!

The rain had washed his mane beautifully - just wish I had a digital camera so that I could have taken his photo this morning; because after grooming he looked really stunning.  His coat has come through a shade lighter - and his mane is silver-white.  I think he enjoyed his groom again today, because a lot of his winter coat had gone I was able to give him a good brisk brush and, unlike his mum, he loves that - she hated being fussed at all and would not let you near her if you had a brush in your hand.

Toni brought in Junior and we went down past the Church and around the edge of the village today.  I can't say that DJ was perfect as today he was sure that the tyre (that has been on the verge about 8 months) was going to get him.  Just because he had safely negotiated past it for weeks ... well, it didn't mean that it was going to stay still today!!!  Suprise, suprise ... we got past it safely!

Just as we were getting back we saw Ros and Cherry and heard that Ros has decided it is time to sell Cherry.  No real reason, she just tends to do it every year.  Jaykub and DJ were/are special people in my life ... Ros doesn't have that same affection - she cares for them brilliantly, but the relationship is never quite the same.  I feel she is the one missing out - but maybe it is that I am too soft.

We headed on home.  As we went I told Toni about my James A-Z that I did yesterday - so she has challenged me to do one for the other man in my life ... so that will follow soon!

DJ was settled enough to feed immediately - so I took him back to his field and cleaned up his box.  All his loose hair I am having to collect as it has to be thrown and not just put on the muck heap.  so today I also removed the ivy that was growing through the window areas of 2 of the boxes.

By the time I was driving home the sun was trying to break out ... so hopefully that will stay nice for the coming weekend!

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