May 9th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Is It Wednesday Already?

No - you are OK DJ, it is only Friday!

This morning DJ came in really relaxed and enjoyed his groom - it had been raining overnight so all in all mud and a loose coat meant he was happy to be brushed and combed.

We went out ... up the road ... and met up with Ros and Cherry.  The poor horses thought it was Wednesday - how unfair to confuse them both.

DJ was in a lazy mood - great as he just strolled along, but hard work as Cherry seemed in a hurry so I was having to urge DJ to go quicker all the time.

We went down towards the Church - and then back through the woods.  On the track up and out we had a canter, and for the final bit a short gallop.  Although DJ isn't 100% fit it was nice to feel him ask to speed up.   As we re-joined the road, we were going to stop to let DJ catch his breath - but the council were re-surfacing ... no way was he going to stand and relax!!  Put it this way - we got home faster than we left!

He was very warm when we got back - but his breathing was fine and he was quite happy to glare at the neighbours dog ... so proving the gallop hadn't tired him out.

So I did some more grooming on him - and then after feeding he went back to his field - with the promise that he would now have a lazy weekend!

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