May 7th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

What A Lovely Morning!

Having spent the last few days in "James" mode - the trip, the pictures ... the squee ... It is time to get back to see the "other man in my life"!

When I walked out to DJ's field this morning I wondered for a moment where he was - then I spotted 2 large lumps in the far corner of the field -  DJ and Conrad, fast asleep in the sun!   They didn't move as I opened the gate - and were still snoring by the time I got half way across the field - so I yelled "Hi DJ" ... Conrad's ears twitched and he bounced to his feet ... while DJ turned his head slightly to look at me.  It is at times like that, you know if you were a mind-reader you would be able to know what he was saying!!  I think today it was something along the lines of "if you want me to work, you can think again!"

Still he had stood up by the time I got there - I think the carrot helped to re-charge his batteries!

We walked back to the yard and had a good chat on the way!  Once there he had a good groom ... his coat is about 75% out now, so still loads coming out, but at least I know there is less to come.  I managed to get time to trim the backs of his legs and the inch behind his forelock (where his bridle rests) today.

Ros and Cherry arrived while Toni was tacking up Badger.  She was early as she had asked me to bring along a picture of myself and James.  So that set the tone of the ride.

We had a lovely time - not just as I could squeee about James; but the weather was lovely and we had a short canter along the track as well.  So it was great fun.

When we got back I was able to show Toni and her husband the actual pictures with James, rather than the copy ... as well as the pictures that I had him autograph ... Ones that I had taken last November.  Well DJ needed to be able to stand and relax before I fed him!

Once fed I took him back to his field - so he could go back to the important things in life - eating and sleeping!

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