May 6th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Union Chapel - May 2008.

Friday 2nd May was a great day - long, but 101% worth it.

It started when I left home at 6.30am ... and then finished ... well, to be honest, it hasn't finished yet, as James' music is flowing through my head even now!

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For those who read the whole ramble - well done.  For those who didn't let me sum up by saying - I had a great time ... seeing friends - and listening to James!  Hope I can do the whole thing again soon!!

With James

Collectomania 2008

Before I start let me point out to the observant the icon was from the picture I had taken a year ago at the same venue ... and yes, there are pics in this post ... and I hope to get another icon made at some point as well!! 

I have just been reading on some other posts that some people caused problems with the photo shoot with James - I don't know when it happened, but am sad to read that anyone can do that to anyone - especially a great person like James.
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I had a truly great 2 days - lovely to see and hear James ( Long rambling write-up of Friday

I just hope that after all his hard work he has done over the last few months he is able to spend some time relaing with his kids before he starts his new projects.