April 29th, 2008


2 Pictures From My Garden!

As most of you know I am not a keen gardener but I took a couple of pictures in my garden last week so that I could finish off the film in my camera - the ones I took of DJ's life.  

But I am posting them to practice making pictures smaller for LJ - so, thank you beanbeans  the coding worked!

Collapse )

In further news (!) I have just got back from feeding the horses as Toni comes home today - it is raining ... so, guess who fell over!!!!!  Yes ... me!  Well, no injuries and at least it wasn't in front of James; so all good!

In yet more news I heard that today is officially the first day of summer!  Yes - on the news that is what was announced, as the first swans have hatched at Abbotsbury Swannery and that apparently means that summer is here ... when I was sprawled in the mud I did disagree.!!  For those who don't live in England here is a link to Abbotsbury Swannery 

Adventure before dementia

How To Raise Your Blood Pressure - Visit Your Doctor!

 A woman goes to her doctor for her yearly physical.

The nurse starts with certain basic items. 

'How much do you weigh?' she asks.

'115,' she says. 

The nurse puts her on the scale. 

It turns out her weight is 140 .

The nurse asks, 'Your height?' 

'5 foot 8,' she says. 

The nurse checks and sees that she only measures 5' 5.'

She then takes her blood pressure 

And tells the woman it is very high.

'Of course it' s high!' she screams, 

'When I came in here I was tall and slender! 

Now I'm short and fat!' 

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