April 27th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

What A Weekend!!

I knew that a lot of my friends would be seeing James last Saturday - and I was supremily jealous, but consoled myself that I would be seeing him at the end of the week and instead I could be celebrating with Toni's daughter - her engagement.

well, it wasn't to be - I collapsed Friday evening with some 36hour bug - so spent the 2 days in bed, feeling rough.

So I missed seeing Stacey and John celebrate ... but at least it wasn't seeing James that I missed ... I must wrap myself in a cover so I don't catch anything ... injury anything .... or ..... before Friday!

Hope all those who were at The Rift had a great time - I am off to catch up with my f-list and to see if I can find any reports ... so if you know of anything can you point me that way.