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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
April 24th, 2008 
DJ - plaited!

Yes, it is quite scarey as he was such a good boy today. 

He walked in from his field without stopping to try to eat.
He glared at the poles near his stable door, but walked in without running me over in the process.
He stood and had another thorough groom, thus giving me enough to stuff the pillows as well as the duvet ... he even had those "hard to reach places" brushed!
He had his mane combed and silicon spray put on it.
He let his tack go out, eithout trying to wriggle while I was doing up his girth.

We only went up the road and back for about a mile as Toni was riding Badger.  We saw Ros and Cherry; but for the whole time he was back he walked as good-as-gold.  he even stretched himself to walk at a faster pace than normal.

So - he really did deserve his carrot - especially as he also walked straight back to his field without trying to stop and eat.

What a good boy.


Word of warning though - there will be a DJ picture tour up some time soon! 

DJ - plaited!
A lot of you saw the pictures of Badger, junior and Smudge in their winter rugs last week ... If you missed it, then look HERE  

Below the cut are a couple of pictures of DJ taken on the same day, as well as one of him with Conrad.

DJ - plaited!
Some of you have asked what DJ's world looks like - well here is some of it.  When I say that we go "round the block" this is the route we take ...

DJ - plaited!
Sometime I just say we have gone up the road and back ... it tends to be where we go when we go out by ourselves - we turn a mile up the road ... having left the house and gone in the opposite direction to the previous pictures of the farm.

Below the cut is the juction that we turn round at.


04:36 pm - Local Forestry.
DJ - plaited!
Over the last year, I have mentioned that we have gone through some forestry - managed land, growing mostly pine trees.

well, if we hadn't turned at the last point but had kepr going, this is where we end up.  Spme of it is open for horses, but for most of it now  you have to pay an annual fee - so we don't get to go so often, as there isn't as much to explore.

DJ - plaited!
 Yesterday I told you about our trip through the woods - well these 2 pictures were taken on our way to those woods.

DJ - plaited!

I often mention that we have gone via the Church when we are on our travels - so this 6th and final pic scam is the biggest as it contains some of the rest of DJ's roads, as well as a couple of pictures of the Church ... all seen from DJ's point of view of course.

The two of us hope that you have enjoyed seeing The Universe According To DJ!! 

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