April 9th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Ros Used 2 Four-Letter Words To Me!

Poor boy ... !!!!

Today was absolutely a lovely day.  Although we had frost overnight the sun was out and it was warm by the time I brought DJ in from his field.  I attempted some grooming - but as he is still very hairy and still loosing it at a steady pace all I succeeded in doing was getting myself very hairy as well!!

Toni rode Junior and led Smudge; and along with Ros and Cherry we headed off into the lovely Spring Day.  We got about half way to the Church when Toni turned to head for home - but sadly for DJ Ros and I were going further!

We just had a great ride, despite the busy traffic ... and went to the Church and back a different route - just generally chatting and enjoying the day.

Once back at Ros's we said goodbye and I asked DJ to walk on, which he seemed reluctant to do.  However Ros said that if he moved in with her then he would have to work every day ... and go on a diet.

Those 4 letter words - WORK and DIET did the trick - he decided it was time to head for home ... after all that is where the carrots are!

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