April 7th, 2008

OK - James

Mini Update! ... Injury and Blood Count.

Just had the doctor phone me - to say that everything came back OK, except for the iron levels.  He is waiting one test, but basically there seems no reason for the dip, although it is quite low.

Anyway, I am to carry on with the iron and see what the levels are in a months time.

As to my hand - things are really sore recently!  So that is annoying.  I suppose that I am taking things as normal as I can and where the nerve is damaged and my hand is naturally cold (cold hands .... warm heart syndrome!!)  Then that is aggrevating things.  So over the last few days I have taken to wearing a glove at all times.  Overall it is easier - so hoping this will give the final boost to allow that nerve to repair.


On a more personal note business still seems slow - not good when having to pay bills!