April 2nd, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Worse Than "Looking For A Needle In A Haystack"!!

Yes - that was how my morning started.

A needle in a haystack ie easy to find - well, compared with -

Finding a damp, dirty, dappled grey pony in a fog-bound field!

Yes - when I got there this morning it was foggy; but in the hope of better weather and seeing as I hadn't seen him for almost a week I got DJ in.  In fact he came over to me - that was only because I hadn't a clue where he was so I called his name - and heard both horses start moving ... DJ won (having been sure to tell off Conrad) as they got me in their sight!!

I brought him in and tried to tidy him up!  As I said ... damp and dirty!  But don't forget, also moulting!

By the time it was 10am it was even foggier so I decided not to go out out.  I phoned Ros who said she was going - but no, it was not worth the risk for me ... and DJ.

So I fed him and walked him back to his field.  Mind you I made him do some "stand" and "walk" commands on the way back ... So I think he felt he had been over-worked ... That poor pony!  Another carrot helped him to recover from this stress ... I hope!

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Spike Won't Bite Me !!

A couple of weeks ago I went to give blood - once I had established that it was over 3 months (by one day) since the injury to my hand  (as it was an open injury they have that rule in England) I had the basic test - and was turned down.

The double irony was that I had never actually given blood before - we have a mobile unit here about 4 times a year and I usually miss the adverts.  I had made a real effort to note this one, as I felt that, although I hadn't needed blood last December, if I had been operated on as was suggested at one point, I would have had blood ready for me.

I was told that my haemoglobin levels were a bit low.  They would do a blood test for me - but they would re-book me for their next visit in 3 months time.

Today I had a letter in the post - asking me to see my doctor and that the Blood Transfusion Service does not want my blood for at least a year.

I have tried getting an appointment - but like doctor's surgeries the world over - no luck.  so I am going to go down first thing tomorrow - at least that way I can't get an engaged tone on the phone!