March 24th, 2008



Just a short note to say that I hope you all had as great an Easter as I did ... sorry if you didn't, though.  I have tried to keep up with posts and made a few comments, so if I missed something vital can you both forgive me and point me in that direction, please.

Good Friday
I was at Mum and Dad's and we had my youngest brother and his wife over for the afternoon and evening.  it was a combination of Easter and Wedding Anniversary celebrations. 

Easter Saturday
Went out to lunch with Mum and Dad ... It was their 56th wedding anniversary.  So a great thing to be able to celebrate.  After that we took their Westie on his favourite walk, and then after tea watched "Easter Parade"

Easter Day
We drove to my other brother and his wife (the one with the 4 kids) ... Nick was preaching at their Church and we got there just as he started.  We had planned to get time to go to the house to drop Jiffy off, but got stuck in a small traffic jam adding an extra 1/2 hour to the 2.25 hour drive.  So I didn't hear Nick preach, as Dad is paranoid about leaving Jiffy in a car ... so I took him for a walk instead.
We had a really marvellous day there - the best time in ages.

Easter Monday
After a lazy morning we went out for a walk to one of the local beaches that we hadn't visited.  Well, Dad had been there when he came on holiday in 1946 ... so not a frequent visitor!  It is my youngest brother's 18th Wedding Anniversary today.

Well, that's me up to date - a great W/E ... of family and celebration - both of the wedding anniversaries, and of Easter and the death and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ.