March 20th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Just DJ's Amount Of Work!

This morning as I walked towards DJ's field my bad leg started going numb (I had been badly injured 25 years ago) ... and by the time we had got to the stables I was really dragging it, even though DJ had been kind enough to walk towards me across his field.

I thought that as there was no reason for the problem then it would ease once I was out of the wind, but no.  By the time I had picked out his feet (and he is a good boy for that) I couldn't feel the leg at all ... so decided to call it quits.

I went in and told Toni I wouldn't be riding; and we chatted for a bit.  they have a nice extension in their kitchen, with a bit of wall that is just "lean-against" height.

I then went out and fed "sir" and rode him back to his field - I did put on his bridle, but not his saddle.  So all the work he did was a gentle stroll with me, but no tight girth!

So - although my back was hurting, it was a type of morning that DJ could cope with quite well!!

My leg is still numb, but that hopefully will re-settle within a couple of days.

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