March 18th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

He Is Mad!

... well it is either that or his field has under-grass heating!! 

I reported last week that DJ thought Spring was round the corner - well according to the cold wind that was blowing as I walked out to his field, he was wrong.

I walked him in.  It had been dry overnight so he was all soft and fluffy again today ... btu as I started to groom him I realised that his "corner of England" must be a lot warmer, as his coat is beginning to go.  No way could I use either a brush or a curry-comb on him; I used his actaul tail and mane comb.  Yes an ordinary comb to try to get rid of loose hair before I could put his saddle on him.

Toni brought in Badger and Junior - and rode Badger and led Junior while we wandered down and around the village.

Yes, it was a cold wind (DJ, you need that coat) but at least it was dry.  with very little traffic the 5 of us could enjoy the sunshine and have a good chat.

I do wonder whether DJ expected an extra carrot to boost his energy levels as we were going back to his field ... silly boy ... it's his choice to leave hair everywhere ... 

Maybe he is a bird watcher and wants to help any that are nest building at present!!
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