March 13th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

MEME - Answer # 3

deborahw37  asked me in this MEME yesterday

Is JM your first fandom? If not who/what else have you been a fan of in the past and why? 

When I first read the question I thought that it was a fairly simple yes/no answer - but then it made me start to think so I have but a bit of a ramble under a cut!!

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Umm ...

MEME - Answer # 4

spikereader asked me in this MEME yesterday

If you decided to open a shop what would you sell, and why? 

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Anyway - My type of shop choice:-

I wouldn't want clothing etc ... people are to bitchy!
Couldn't do handcraft ... as I am colourblind!
Wouldn't want to do a sweet shop ... I'd eat the profits!
Wouldn't want to do furniture/carpets etc ... not busy enough, I'd get bored!

So, I suppose my ideal shop would be a bric-a-brac and antique shop.  I love collecting / hoarding ... So this means I could spend time looking at catalogues etc of stuff I love.  I wouldn't have to stick to any one name / pattern / style - I could have a bit of everything.  and, with a wide enough range I would be kept fairly busy.
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Adventure before dementia

MEME - Answer # 5

crossreactivity asked me in this MEME that I posted yesterday -  

Of all the places/countries you've visited, which was your favorite and why?

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However it is very hard to pick a favourite, but here goes.

Favourite Country

I suppose that would have to be Malta as it is one of the few places I want to re-visit.

It is an amazing country, with a long history.  we visited buildings dating back to the 4th Century B.C.; we saw places that Paul and Luke had visited when the were ship-wrecked there, as mentioned in the Acts Of The Apostles (in The Bible); and we saw a Church that had an unexploded bomb go through the roof during the 2nd World War.

The people are very friendly and as someone who is no good at languages, they speak 2 - Maltese and English ... and when you listen to the radio, it swaps between the 2 all the time.  

They drive on the left .. althought the state of the roads is awful!

And, to be technical the island is actually called Malta G.C. .... standing for George Cross; as King George VIth gave the island the medal during the war for surviving against overwhelming odds.

Favourite Town/City.

This is hard - there are so many I love for their history ... including -

Washington D.C.
Venice (Italy)
Granada (Spain)
Lagos (Portugal)

I love all those places - and would like to spend another day there ... but if I had to choose one of them it would have to be Williamsburg.

Favourite Place

Other places that I have been and would love to re-visit are many - but the top of the list, by far and the War Cemeteries of North France and Belgium.  Very peaceful - but very poinant.  My Grandfather served 1914 - 1918 in those countries - "There but for the Grace of God ... "