March 12th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Just Being Pampered!

When i arrived at DJ's this morning I had been planning to ride with Ros (seeing as it is wednesday), but by the time I had battled across his 2 fields ... He wasn't sheltering, but Conrad was and thay are obviously having a "friends" day today ... Then walked into the yard I was feeling slightly wind-swept, my hand was really hurting (even though I had a fleece lined glove on) and DJ was glaring around as the stable was rattling ...

So I phoned Ros and said - "Thanks, but no thanks!"

I am not great riding in the wind, although we get used to it.  I just decided that we had been too intermittant with work recently due to the 10 weeks off, and with my hand causing me a lot of grief - I decided, "better safe, than sorry" 

So - I set about giving him a good brush ... yes he was one dusty boy, obviously having decided that a mud overcoat was the best protection from the storm force winds.

Amazingly his tail and mane weren't too tangled - so lots of chatting, lots & lots of brushing - and a couple of stops for a cuddle we were done.

He had a carrot and his meal and back out into the wind and to tell his friends about his tough morning .... All together, now ... Awwhhh!!

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Adventure before dementia

MEME - You Get To Choose

Normally I whitter on about England, DJ, or most recently my hand injury ... but now you get the chance to challenge me.

I snagged this MEME from kazzy_cee :- 

"Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it.

Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, graphic techniques, fandom stuff etc nothing is out of bounds.. 

I will then post something in the next few days!"
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Adventure before dementia

MEME - Answer # 1

kalinda001 asked me in this MEME   

What's your favourite food? What is your favourite comfort food?

Well the simple answer to that is  sausage, chips and pickled onions! ... But please remember I am English so I mean pork sausages and fries in that answer.  2 years ago for my Birthday I ended up having that exact meal 5 times ... in 4 days!!  All my family and friends know waht i like!

Pudding is anything - I love fruit, anything with syrup, anything with pastry!

Comfort foot - Jam doughnuts, chocolate eclaire, strawberry mousse

And - although she didn't ask - 

It is (cheep) white wine, or strong tea (with full-fat milk and no sugar), pineapple juice or Mountain Dew (if I am in America - we can't get it here!)

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MEME - Answer # 2

agnetha asked me in this MEME  

What are your views on... chocolate: white, milk or plain?

I can answer that as one English girl to another - Cadbury's Milk Chocolate, please!!    (They also do a nice mint crisp one)

Basically I like Cadbury's or Terrys - but don't like cheep / own-brand chocolate at all.

I like Milk 95%, White 4 1/2% ... and dark not at all!!

However - I don't like drinking chocolate - even Cadbury ones.  To me, it is best if Chocolate is in the fridge!  

But in my lounge, there is always a box of Quality Street, in varios degrees of emptyness!!