March 7th, 2008

Adventure before dementia


Yes - right on the deadline, this time!

What am I talking about - the fan-fic reading I did for one of the competition sites - for those who missed my original post - Spuffy Reading . It was amazing.

 As ever I was completely blown away by the range of stories and the standard of writing.  The hardest job was marking to give the first/second ... as there were 3 in each catagory that started with identical marks.

But, it is done ... and Thanks again to those on my f-list who write regularly, whether you get judged or not, you make my day.

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DJ - plaited!

No - He Wasn't Being Psychic ... Just A Twit!

While I was grooming DJ (yesterday ... sorry didn't get time to post this on the correct day!) , he stood still, quiet and calm - until he suddenly started leaping every way he could ... getting annoyed that he was tied up, and thus annoyed with me.  He may look like a cute teddy bear, but he does way a lot!!  I calmed him - and then he started again, so I moved him into a box, from the yard where we were and he started again.

In all this I had looked round for an ogre ... or an ant that was in the wrong place - Nothing.

So much so, I actually phoned Toni so that she could look across the fields to see if the other 4 were OK.  Horses are aware of what is going on around them - so thought it would be best to check.  So having momentarily panicked Toni, at least I knew all was OK ...

DJ was just being a twit.

Why ... well, if he tells you, could you let me know!

Toni brought in Junior and he was still a bit silly, but I tacked him up and he was the calmest I had seen him ... I got on him and Toni took a phone call which delayed us - But we stood in the middle of the yard ... and I think he actually snoozed!

We went out for about an hour and 1/2 and he was tired coming back - used up all his energy leaping around earlier.

Once back he had to wait to be fed, as he was hot, so I towelled him down, let him cool and then he had his meal and strolled back out to his field.

However once there, rather than getting down and rolling as I expected he shot across the field to the boundary and stood there glaring across to where the "ant" was approaching from! 

That boy is totally mad ... and before you say anything, no, he does not take after his namesake (me - for those who didn't know that!!)

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