March 5th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Happy St Piran's Day - March 5th

Although I am English I live in the one County that those who are born here, call a separate Country!  

It is officially a Duchy with Prince Charles owning all the land, that isn't privately owned.   That is why Camilla was, on their marriage, given the titile of Duchess of Cornwall.

So, for many of the Cornish, today is a very special day - with the Cornish flag being flown.

This is the flag of St Piran - Saint Piran is the patron saint of tin-miners and is also generally regarded as the national saint of Cornwall. (Saint Piran's Flag is a white cross on a black background.) St Piran's Day is March 5th.   Read more -

St Piran 

There will be gathering around the County - this picture was taken at one of the many gatherings last year - 

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Cornwall has it's own National Anthem based on "The Song of the Western Men", by Rev R.S. Hawker (Of Morwentow).  When we have a "Proms in the Park" with our Orchestra this is how we start the concert ... not my National Anthem, as I am not Cornish, but for many today a very important song :-

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Adventure before dementia

England - Cornwall 1

And so I get to the next county in my travels around England.

I have already posted that today is St Piran's day, so it is great that this post co-incides with it's Saint's Day celebrations.  

As I have already stated Cornwall is technically a Duchy, but for many who are "native" they would call it a Country.  It is (except for a few feet) surrounde by water - with the Atlantic Ocean on 2 sides and 2 rivers .... mostly the River Tamar on the other.  Cornish is one of the Celtic languages and if you follow the link on my last post you will see more about the language and culture of this County/Duchy/Country.

This will probably be a long-ish post as it is the county I live in at present - and I do love living here.  So read behind the cut to find out that the whole world actually uses something from North Cornwall every time they look at a clock!!

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Adventure before dementia

England - Cornwall 2

As I warned this entry is bigger than normal .... and I have been very good and not talked about a lot of the places I could have done, such as Tintagel - The home of King Arthur.  That is where the picture on the icon was taken, by the way.

Anyway I decided to split the entry - to give you a chance to have a breather - and a cup of tea! 

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DJ - plaited!

DJ - A True Model

DJ has, as you have all read, been called many things - and done many things ... but today he turned into a versatil (and quick-change) model!

When I went out to his field he was in "Outfit 1" ... Having had a cold, but dry night his log winter coat was, although dirty, very fluffed out.  All he needed was the stud in his ear and he would have been the perfect model for a Steiff Teddy Bear!  He looked lovely!

We wandered back in and he had a reasonable groom - so by the time we left I was looking as dusty as he still was.

Toni and Smudge joined us as we went to meet Ros and Cherry on our Wednesday chat .... ummm, ride!  It was overcast but dry and we decided that, providing we took things fairly calmly ... no cantering for DJ, yet, then we could go through the woods.  It was lovely - very quite and peaceful down through the woods and then back up the track (which is where they were a bit upset not to be able to canter).  It is quite steep and so by the time we were at the top, all 3 horses were slightly out of breath - with DJ being both the worst, but also sweating slightly ... then ... it rained!  

By the time we dropped Ros and Cherry off the rain was stopping - but DJ was by now modelling "Outfit 2" ... The Bog Monster look ... the dust mixed with sweat and then rain looked ... ummm, how do I describe the look politely??

Once back I spent some time combing through DJ's mane while I was waiting for him to settle, before I could feed him ... and now his modelling skills are extended as the rain had done wonders for his hair - Now we are looking at an Advert For Hair-Care!  

Once he was fed - back out to the field ... and then it was a case of finding some mud and rolling - and going back to the DJ look that we all know ... and love!
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