February 27th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Trying To Fly!

Today was a lot calmer weather so I was really looking forward to getting out again.  It was a bit overcast, but fairly mild and the wind had dropped - so for the end of February in England, what more could I ask for.

DJ was a hero - he was in the further field when I arrived.  The trouble with horses and rain - gateways - they end up "wellie" deep in mud.  When I got near the divide I called his name, he looked up and walked towards me ... and through the mud ... so I didn't need to paddle through myself.  Wasn't he a great boy?

We walked in - and had about 1/2 hour grooming time.  He was muddy, muddy, muddy!!  So 1/2 hour later he was now only muddy, muddy!!

Toni brought Badger in and we met up with Ros and Cherry to set off down the road.  

There seemed a lot of traffic today - but we still were able to chat quite a bit.  About a mile down the road Toni took Badger onto the verge for a short canter and soon after that they returned for home.  Badger has problems with fitness since he was poisoned a few years ago and as he isn't ridden too often Toni didn't want to over-do him.

DJ wasn't 100% happy to be asked to walk on, rather than head back - but once he realised that was the plan he settled back down again.  We walked on and round via the Church and up the bridleway ... but only at a steady trot as DJ would have had to be carried home if we had pushed him.  By this time the sun was shining - and it was certainly a great day to be out.

As we approached Ros's he dd start to slow down, but he hadn't started sweating too much, so overall I was pleased with how he was doing ....

Until ...

One of the jet planes came over us.  Now we get used to the low-flying practice of both RAF and USA-AF planes ... but ... !!!!  I have never seen a plane that low.  If I hadn't been focussed on DJ I would have been able to tell you the pilot's name by reading his name badge!  

So one low-flying plane verses one bucking DJ ... it was hard to tell who was higher in the air at that point of time!!

Poor boy - his buck was that of a worried pony letting me know he was ready to run if we had to ... and as I thought the plane was going to land on us I did wonder how we were going to run away then!

Still he calmed quickly and we were on our way again, having decided not to join the air-force but to head back home for something to eat instead!

He didn't take too long to cool down again which was great - so after a feed it was back to his field, no doubt to tell Conrad about his ability to fight off the press gangs!!
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England - Cheshire.

As I continue my trip around England in my book "I never knew that about England" I move North-East to the County of Cheshire.  

This is a county that I have visited numerous times - but not since I was 6, so have very few personal memories.  When I was 3 months old my parents moved from Essex to North Wales - and we lived just over the border in the town of Fflint.  Chester was the town that Mum and Dad used to go to do do a days shopping.

So - here is a bit about a County I do know, but can't remember!

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