February 26th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

DJ ... Being DJ, As Only DJ Can!!

We had terrible wind and rain all night - so DJ was actually walking across his field to meet me at the gate - whether it was he wanted a cuddle or if he thought a carrot would help him dry out quicker, I don't know - Just know it was lovely to see.  In actual fact it must have been rough, as Conrad also came over to say hello!

The day was still blustery, but the sun was now out - so a good day to spend some time with the boy.

We had about 3/4 hour pamper time this morning .... Just brushing, combing and chatting!  One of his ways of "cuddling" me is if I stand in front of him he will rest his chin on my shoulder ... but then he relaxes, which is lovely - but he has a very heavy head ... Thus proving what a brainy boy he must be!

Toni brought Smudge in and we went up the road a short way before meeting Ros and Cherry who were returning from an early outing.  

The 6 of us stopped and chatted for quite a while.  I have come to the conclusion that DJ didn't want to miss any gossip, because as we parted and started off, he pulled up onto the verge so that he could wee.  He didn't ask when we were just resting ... then about 20 paces down the road we had to stop so that he could "lift his tail".  So - you see, he wouldn't move away from the gossip earlier!!

We didn't go far - but went down a twisty hill to a farm gate - and then trotted back.  Enough to give them both (and us) some exercise without warming them up too much, or stressing a still slightly unfit DJ.

Once back it was time for a feed and back to his field .... I wonder if he passed on the gossip he had learnt to Conrad, or kept it to himself!
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