February 25th, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ....

To a really great friend - aa_eve_aaIt was really great to meet you in person in Cardiff - and I have great memories of your truly, bouncy smile!  I know today is a Monday, which is not a good day to party - But hope that you have fun - whateveryou do!!  And that the rest of the year is great!

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Looking forward to seeing you again later in the year! 
Not pleased.

I Don't Do Mornings!!

That is not a recent discovery, but anyone who knows me realises that!  

The only time I am awake and focussed is when I am off on my holidays - or last year on 2 of my trips to see James.  Then, with a proper reason, I can be awake at any time of the day or night!

This morning, however -

For those who don't know it - I live and work at home.  So my phone is in my hallway ... Yes, you guessed it!  A patient phoned to make an appointment ... for tomorrow (which makes matters worse) ... They phoned at 6.30 am .... yes, 6.30!!  My alarm clock is set for 7.15 am, which in my opinion is early enough anyway!!

So I wasn't all that happy ... who knows what dreams I was having at the time!!

Adventure before dementia

MEME - The Letter P and The Letter L.

Choose 10 of your favourite things with your given letter.

Post this list on your LJ then anyone who comments and wants a letter will be given one!

I was given the letter "L" by beanbeans  and the letter "P" by lilachighas I knew that I had already done the letter "B" in the past - Letter B MEME
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So - if you want to have a go, let me know!
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