February 20th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

Back To The Normal Routine

... Yes, it was Wednesday and I had arranged to meet both Ros and Toni to ride with.

DJ must have known that - either that or he and Conrad had fallen out during the night.  Over the last few weeks they have been living in 2 large fields and when I got there this morning Conrad was fairly near the gate in field one ... Guess where DJ was?  Yes - if there was a diagonally opposite across the 2 fields and around the boundary there was DJ ... eating away as if that was all he had planned for the morning.  Well, probably that was his aim - I had other ideas!!

Anyway he came in nicely and even let me get a comb through about 3/4 of his mane - I had to start that at some point, didn't I?

Ros and Cherry arrived just as Toni and I had tacked up Smudge and DJ/  Smudge was in a weird mood, which is to be expected.  He has lost a good friend last week.  When Jaykub died he seemed to sulk - now he is quiet, but doesn't want to be fussed with.  Still it is early days and getting back into our normal routines will help us all.

We went down to the village Church and back - so we were out for about 75 minutes - walk with a bit of trot ... and a lot of gossip.

There was a lot of traffic around today - nothing big and nothing noisy, just a steady stream of vehicles.

So, although aa easy ride it was great - good weather and good friends ... And, DJ was a good boy!!

Once back, DJ was a bit warm as he has a lovely winter coat at present - he is not dressed for work!  So it gave me a chance to grab a coffee while he settled before I fed him and took him back to his field.
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