February 11th, 2008


"Immanuel - God With Us"

No - I haven't got mad - I do know it isn't Christmas!

I read part of The Bible every morning and just wanted to share with you a thought I had today.  I know some of you won't want to read it - so for your sakes it is under a cut - I am not ashamed of God, I just don't want to upset any of my friends.
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Monday Mornings Are Great ....

Well mine was this week!!

First there was the postman arriving with (a bill) and my ticket for Union Chapel with James, in May

Then - I have annoyed my neighbours for 10 minutes!

Translation reads - I played my saxophone for 10 minutes.  Not the clarinet - the keys are harder to play correctly - and my finger is killing me as I type - but I am still over-the-moon 

Yah ... and Yah again!!