January 31st, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Two Appointments In One Day

.... And so the saga goes on!

But at least things are continuing to heal - The wound has stopped bleeding and is down to only one small area of obvious damage.  The rest of the finger has a lot of dead-ish skin on, but it looks as if underneath everything is great.  Won't know yet - but I am hopeful that there will be little or no scarring ... so that's all great.  The dressing on now is just a dry protective "cover" over the damaged area, which has to be left on for a week and then I have to replace it with another one for the following wekk ... and then ... fingers crossed ... I can go naked!!

My other appointment was with the physiotherapist.  It was a first appointment and as the wound was still covered he didn't do anything with that.  He gave me some advice about the rest of the hand - most of which was what I already knew.  so great to have things confirmed.  He has said that once eveything is healed he might give me some ultrasound on the damaged tendon to reduce the scarring - but that will depend on what we find when it can be properly checked over.

So - all in all great news.
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A Couple Of General Rambles!!

Just wanted to say - I really loved Torchwood last night.  The more I am watching the series, the more I am liking both Tosh and Owen.  In fact I even liked Ianto yesterday, which says a lot!!

So do hope the rest of the series goes as well ... especially with the promise of more Cap'n John at some point!!

On a secondary note - I decided to empty the office bit of my surgery this morning ready to paint - and pulled out the tumble drier ... bad move ... there was a patch of damp (which I did expect because of how that part of the house was built) .... but sadly, about 10 times bigger than i expected.  Oh well - at least I have got started  so that means that it will get done - and by the time I am fully back working the area will be looking good again.