January 30th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Political Correctness - In The Days Of Nelson!

My brother, Nick, has just e-mailed this to me.

He knows I love history - especially English history and Admiral Lord Nelson has always been a hero of mine.  He also knows I get annoyed with most of the "politically correct" laws that seem to be appearing.

I had read it before - but here it is, under the cut so as not to upset anyone who doesn't agree with my annoyance about PC terminology!!

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I was going to use a LOL icon - but thought James in his costume more appropriate!!
Sanity - overated!

MEME - Yet Another 7 Weird Things!

I have already been tagged for this MEME some weeks ago HERE and have just been tagged again by tamakin So I am going to be a good girl and do it!! No - nothing to do with the fact I am still putting off doing the filing that I ought to be doing! 

This MEME is that of listing 7 weird things about yourself ... and then tagging 7 others.  Well, I am not going to tag anyone - and i am going to list my 7 behind a cut - so as not to scare anyone ... well this is my 8 - 14 on the list of weirdness that is debris4spike!!
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