January 22nd, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Killing Time With A MEME!

I am probably the only one on my f-list with time to kill!  So while I am backing up all my files - and waiting till it's time to go for my next appointment to have my finger checked I thought I would do this MEME that I snagged from tamakin

I am not going to tag anyone - but would like to see a few peoples answers - I actually find them interesting to do on a personal level - and a great way to get to know my friends better.

Hope you are having a fun day - and not too disappointed if you didn't get the tickets from JMLive (makes me wonder who Steve had pre-warned!!)

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Catching Up ... !

Had another appointment today to have my finger dressed ...  Still no blood and most of the skin is looking good.  The 2 major areas where the infection were are still "yukky" looking - but things are much better.  In myself I feel better as well - some friends said that in myself I was looking better.  So all in all - slow but steady ... and sure!

January 22nd - the anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria ... How about that for an odd fact ... But the youngest of my Grandmothers was born a Victorian by one hour!!  She was originally called Ada Frances and then the news came that The Queen had died - so she had Victoria added as her middle Christian name.  So Happy 107th Birthday Grandma.