January 19th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Mum And Dad Know That I Am Going To London!!

Over lunch today we were talking about family matters in general - and one moan in particular.  

One of my brothers is married with 4 kids (5 - 12) and he is a teacher.  Apparently he has a different half term to the boys - so my sister-in-law Brenda is going away for 3 days ... Mum was understandably upset - both in leaving the 5 boys, but also the whole "family" situation, which she finds weird.

But it worked in my favour as i said about going away by myself in May and their only comment was that I wasn't leaving family commitments ... so the notice about lack of money at present was missed ... So, thanks Brenda ...

See you in London, f-list ... and Milton Keynes for my pic with James!!