January 16th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Torchwood - Just A First Few Thoughts - Forever A James Fan!!

SQUEEEEEEE is still continuing .... Grin is still on my face -

Yes, James was back.  And in top form.

I did enjoy the episode, although I was one who had mostly enjoyed last years series of Torchwood anyway.

To me some of the enjoyment was the overall story - but, as ever, James acting was great.

We have all seen the kiss already, but what no one had commented on (that I had seen) was that his swagger was there.  He walked through the episode as if he was the star, not just the guest!  He looked like he was enjoying himself and his ability to portray sadness, fun, shock and exuberance were all there.

Yes, I am a James fan - but I would defy anyone who watched that episode not to become a fan!