January 10th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Saw The Doctor Again Today ...

... and things are going well.

Yes, I was back at my hospital and she said that considering I have had the set-back with the infection, my finger is looking well.

As it was re-dressed today, only the actual injury area was padded and covered ... so, the lower 1/3 of the finger is now naked!!  I have to use plenty of moisturiser!

The other problem I have is to how little movement I now have in that joint.  So while the injury is still restricted I have to start mobilising that joint - and getting used to some general arm movement after 27 days permanently in a sling.  So today it has been used a bit ... but is now "packed away" for the evening!!

Well I need the arm free so I can jump and squee next Wed!! 
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Thank You ... James!

Belated Thanks!

I know I did thank some of you at the time, but with the Christmas rush, and spending time at my parents, some of my Christmas cards arrived - and I never said anything.

So for those who didn't get a personal thanks -