January 7th, 2008


Hospital Appointment ... Bring Your Own Bandages!

No -I am not kidding you!

As I saw the doctor on Thursday, I was due to have the dressings changed on Sunday and on Tuesday.  My parents GP practice booked me in for the appt on the Tue and then booked me in to the District Hospital (one of the 4 main ones in this county) ... so that meant that I didn't just have to go to A&E and sit and wait.

Anyway - when the clinic phoned me back with the appointment they told me that I had to go down that afternoon - so that I could collect the bandages 


Well now I have heard everything ...

So do remember, as well as wearing clean undies in case you have an accident - remember to carry a band-aid with you as well!! 

Sunday clinics ... I know ... but it was at a main hospital!

Sadly, as some of you will already have heard, when they took off the dressing on Sunday they had to find a doctor as I have an infection in the wound.  

I was assured that it was coming from the inside and not that I had done any damage in my care - but still ... strong anti-biotics and a longer time of healing ahead of me
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