December 27th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Just Catching Up

First let me thank all my great friends for all their positive thoughts and love for both Dad and myself.

My Dad is doing great - he is no more tired than normal, even though it was a general anesthaetic that he had.  He saw his doctor this afternoon and he said that within another week life will be back to normal - he is healing fast, and the hernia appears "gone".

As to me - slightly different story!  I still go every 2 days for clean bandages - and the doctor has now signed me off for another month - which, when you are self-employed (without private insurance) is no fun!  I am still at Mum and Dad's and will go back to my place one day next week - and hopefully will have my next hospital appointment waiting for me.  Still -I keep positive to remember that I have the finger - and there are many millions worse off than me - some of whom will be reading this - so to those, sorry if you think I am bitching!!  I still have my arm in a sling all the time, except when I need to drive.

Now for some Christmas thoughts - which I shall put behind a cut as there are a couple of pic ... and a bit of a ramble!!

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Well, thats me done!!

I am now off to watch Dr Who as Mum and Dad are watching something else - and I haven't been able to see it yet.