December 18th, 2007


Injury Update!

Having left home before 9am yesterday, I eventually made it back by 8pm!

When I got to the hospital at 9 ... as requested, I was told my appointment was at 11am

So Toni and I went down to the shop to wait - to find that didn't open until 10am.  So we eventually were able to get chocolate and a paper - before going back to the clinic.

There we sat until just gone 11, when 2 different people called my name out at the same time ... You see, weirdness isn't always my fault!

Anyway both the nurse and the specialist took the bandage off, so that they could see what was happening ... Then came a pause .... ummmm, we don't know what to do, was the answer!  

So we are going to send you to a plastic surgeon .... only an hour and a quarters drive away.  So the hand was re-dressed and off we went.  The city in question is where my brother Tim lives so I phoned him and asked if he was free to be able to bring us lunch!!  ...Brothers do have their uses!

When we got there we were told to go to reception, where we would be sent straight to the surgeon ... Ha, Ha!

Tim turned up with sandwiches, juice and chocolate ... so that was great, even if he then proceeded to tell me he didn't like what I was wearing and was disappointed that the wound was covered!!

Anyway at 3.30pm we got to see the surgeon who wanted to operate, but the list was already over-full that day as a man had come in having lost a debate with a chain-saw!  So he (and Toni) took photos of my hand, it was re-dressed and I had to wait.  An hour later the consultant came and had a look - and the final verdict is :-


He said that it should heal within 2 weeks if splinted and dressed every 2 days.  So I have now seen the finger - and glad to know that what I had initially thought is not true.  I have also seen the X-rays and other than one bone chip from part of one of my tendons there is no other damage.  The lateral ligaments of the joint have gone - but the tendon is 75% there - so that is the most important.  As my profession is involved with joints I know what I have - and what I have to face.

So - All in all - I can literally THANK GOD for a happy ending to the story!

btw - DJ thinks it is great to be in his field chasing Smudge round ... life is good in the pony world!
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