December 12th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

I'm Getting There

.... But maybe that is now going to jinx things!

I got most of my cards in the post this afternoon - one more I got to do today, so will post tomorrow ... Then all I have to make/write are the ones for Church, Orchestra and Band.

I have got 3 of the 4 rooms that I want to decorate, decorated - so the other may get left ... minimalism is so in !!!! (not)

I have started wrapping a few pressies as well - still don't know what to get a couple of people, but my lounge floor was complete chaos - yes, there are one or two advantages to being single!

Anyway - I had better get some tea and then get back to the cards.

BTW - Thanks to oldgreymare and kazzy_cee for their cards - I have already thanked Kazzy for the envelope ... !!!