December 7th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

What A Morning! DJ ... and Christmas!

I should really have my DJ icon - so here he is :-

As I did go to Toni's this morning ... and got blown into his field, so that I could give him a carrot.  Gale force winds again ... hence the "bounce" icon!

However the real reason for not riding is that her 4 year old (unbroken) 17hand gelding, Conrad, had escaped this morning - onto the road!  Fortunately he was so spooked that he didn't move from the verge - but to be woken up while still dark with someone telling you that a horse is loose is panic enough!  Anyway - he was OK and Secret, his companion, hadn't left the field.  So it was a case of major fencing work to do ...

But the good news is ...

It wasn't DJ ... this time!!

Anyway - I spent about an hour repairing the electric tape - not easy in the wind (with cold hands!).  It had been broken in a couple of places by Conrad, and had then wrapped around other fence posts, etc.  After that I then left Toni and her husband to finish off the actual structural work.  It is a two-handed job, which they have done many times.

So I came back and have now got some decorations up in my treatment room.  I want to get my Christmas star-lights up in my lounge window as half the road is already decorated!  So that will begin to make me feel more organised - I hope!

I got all my foreign cards posted yesterday and have started making the British ones.  I even went through my presents and found out how much I still need to buy ... loads!!  ... And the worst is I still can't decide what to get Toni ... DJ has already bought his present to her ... stealing one great idea ... LOL

OH Well - this isn't getting the lounge decorated!  So I had better get on!!


Just to say YAH ... and SQUEEEEE

I am enjoying the Advent Calender at JM Live ... but it looks as if by Christmas we will get a CALENDER for next year as well .... YAH

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