November 25th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

The Hard Work Paid Off!

Yes - on Friday all the hard work that DJ and I have put in paid off.

I was due to go riding with Toni but she was having car problems - which left us on a solo trip.

We don't go out as much as we used to by ourselves, so DJ can get a bit nervy - but not on this trip.  He concentrated, listened to me - and focussed on moving forward ...

Well, most of the time.

We did encounter the kami-karzi rabbit again ... and DJ's shadow did keep alongside him, which he didn't 100% approve of.  But overall he was good.  And for those who wonder, my stick was kept IN my boot the whole way there and back ... so good boy DJ 

Mind you - one bit of madness he did indulge in was just past the actual property.  We went up to a main road - then crossed it and went the simple mile up the road and back trip.  Fine ... 

Except as we were half way across the main road ... DJ just had to lift his tail and leave a parcel.  Now some horses can continue to walk and poo at the same time ... not DJ!!  So ... he gave a new design to the "cat's eyes" that run down the centre of British roads!!

Anyway - he really did deserve his carrot before he headed off to tell Smudge about his triumphal morning!

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