November 14th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

Just Got Back In Time!

The morning was lovely - quite warm, even though the forecast hadn't been all that great.

When I went to get DJ in he was in "fluffy teddy-bear" style.  His coat is growing, so as he was standing in the sun he was warm and cuddly ... well if you discount all the mud and dust on him!

After his 45 minute groom he was looking a bit more presentable and we met up with Ros and Cherry.  

We went down the bridle path that had swiped my hat's silk, but it has been cut back nicely, so that made a lovely off-road ride.  Other than that it was road work - mostly walk/trot combination as Cherry walks faster than DJ (AKA Lazybones)

By the time we got back he was very hot ... but, fortunately for me, we got back just as it started to rain.  Yes, I was very lucky.  In fact, even luckier to realise that by the time I had towelled DJ down and, the rain had stopped again!  So we walked out to his field in the dry, and it was only as i got back to the car that the rain re-started! let him settle while I gave his box a good clean, before feeding him
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