November 8th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

First Rain Of The Winter !

When I got DJ in today it was to grey skies and quite a breeze was blowing.  Oh well, it is November!

He was pretty good about being groomed today - and when I left him for a short time he didn't re-design his stable, like he had on Tuesday!  However, he didn't want his mane combed today!  He had obviously rolling in the mud ... for a change (!) as he was filthy - but why he didn't want his mane done is any ones guess!  Still, men can't have everything their own way, can they!!  (Yes - the comb was used!)

We went out with Toni and Badger.

His lessons are slowly sinking in, and he has a much more positive walk, which is great.

Poor boy did have one major upset though.  He had asked to wee and had just started, having nicely stretched and balanced himself on a very narrow piece of grass, when round the corner came a huge lorry ... poor boy!  So if he has a complex in later life do you think that the driver would pay DJ's pychiatrists bills?

We didn't go far and just as we had started on our way back it started to rain!  Oh well - nothing we can do about the weather - the sad thing was that it was diagonally across us - so seemed to both go in our eyes as well as under the horses tails ... Mathematically impossible you will say ... but no ... it happened!

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Anyway - once back at Toni's I had time for a leisurely coffee while I was waiting for my car to come back from it's test ... Toni's husband had taken it.  DJ had something to eat and then went out to his field ... probably so that he could get Smudge to sympathise with his traumatic morning!
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