November 6th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

Who Said That A Girl Can't Give Her Boy Flowers?

... So I did!

I went to get DJ in from his field a bit earlier than normal today, as I had to get back home earlier as well.  DJ was looking good.  He was warm, where he was standing in the sun, and his coat, while very dusty, was also looking very soft.  His mane and tail and I won't comment on, except to say that they weren't as good as they could be!

After his carrot he walked in with me and then I put him in his box.  As I went back to secure the gate I saw a huge cow-parsley flower growing, so thought he would like an extra treat.  He did.

However I think it also gave him "ants in his pants".  He was a fidgit.  

He would not stand still to ge groomed, even while tied up he kept moving.  Just trying to reach things like his hay net, my jacket, the grooming kit ...!!

When I had finished I put his saddle on, untied him and went to change my boots.  

When i came back, 5 minutes later he had re-designed his stable.

The water bucket was now in the diagonally opposite corner ... yes, still half-full.
The spare hare was on the opposite side of the entrance.
His head-collar and rope were outside his stable.
My jacket was still over the door, but the gloves were with his rope.
3 of the brushes were out of the grooming kit and stacked next to it.
... and I suppose I had better mention the 3 heaps that adorned the floor 

.... All in 5 minutes!

When I got on, I actually told Toni that I was already exhausted!

We didn't go far, as DJ's lesson is still progressing and neither of us wanted to bring back either Badger or DJ too hot.

When we got back, it was in time for a quick cup of coffee and so that I could speak to Kai.

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